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So…Lisa asked me for a polish to match that Cheeto-faced charlatan’s repulsive mug…he who shall not be named. Lily was also bugging me to try one of the new polishes that Loo gave her. I set eyes on Sinful Colors “Courtney Orange” and decided it was the one.

The problem is…it’s too gorgeous! I thought it would be a sheer jelly, but it’s a vivid metallic – the most beautiful sunset orange I have ever seen. I’ve hated orange FOREVER…until now. This polish has changed IT ALL.

After Sinful Colors Base Coat, “Courtney Orange” went one like a dream. No clumps or bubbles, just smooth sailing. This is two coats and although it is full coverage, there’s still a hint of VNL. I don’t even care. “HK Girl” added amazing shine.

To match my nails, I also tried Urban Decay “Fireball” on my eyes today. It looks orange in the pan…but it’s a peachy pink sunset duochrome. It’s magnificent color for a summer glow.

Oh…and I’m totally going to buy a car this color. I don’t know what or when, but I’ve been shopping…

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