Precious Kargo

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Sinful Colors “Kargo” is just…WOW.

My nails were already stained green from “Peggy”, so I figured I would stick with the theme and go with a blue or green. I had a suspicion that “Kargo” would be a textured polish. My suspicions were correct…plus, it’s a matte glitter texture. I am loving the Sinful Colors matte formulas.

I started with Sinful Colors Base Coat, then two coats of “Kargo”. The formula was rather thin for a textured polish – I was quite pleased that I didn’t end up with a case of the goopies. No top coat.

“Kargo” is very, very similar to Julep “Jennine” – but a bit less glittery and iridescent. It also had better staying power – I was able to make it Sunday to Thursday before repainting my nails.

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