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I have no illusions that Kylie Jenner actually designed and formulated these polishes herself…but I will concede that she had a really talented Design Team on her side…so far, her polish collections are OUTSTANDING. The colors, the textures, the formulas…all are on point. I’ll give her 1% credit and 99% credit to Sinful Colors.

Sinful Colors “Angelik” is another polish from the “Trend Matters” Shimmer Matte Collection. It’s a pale, pale pink – almost white – with gold shimmer. It reminds me of a fancy Christmas Tree Angel – one of the $25 ones from Wal-Mart, even. This is the perfect polish to wear when you won’t be able to paint your nails for a while – you can’t see edge wear or chips unless you have a microscope.

I started with Sinful Colors Base Coat. The first coat was streaky. The second coat was fairly smooth, but there were still a few thin spots. I decided to stick with the two coats though – I didn’t want to risk the third coat being too thick. No top coat.

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