Ebony and…

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So many Halloween polishes, so little October…

I got Julep “Ebony” in this month’s Julep Box – yes, another holographic – graphite holographic. If a Number Two pencil was filled with unicorn farts…I just can’t get enough of holographics right now.

After Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat, I slapped on two quick coats of “Ebony” – it went on like a dream. I topped with “HK Girl”.

This polish lasted for-fucking-ever – no chips. It might have been the only thing holding my nails together – as soon as I took it off, I had to cut my nails down to nubs. They’ve been so abused lately, the tips were in danger of peeling, so I had to cut them to save them. Sigh. Nubbies again.


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