Celebratory Blue…NOT

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So…as I painted my nails Tuesday night, hate-watching the Election coverage with my soul-mate across the Atlantic, I thought I had picked an appropriate celebratory blue for the occasion. I was wrong…sooooo fucking wrong.

I’m not gonna get too deep into politics and feelings and shit, but the wind is still knocked out of me from Tuesday night. Anyone who knows me, knows how cynical and dark I am, but never in a million years would I have expected things to turn out this dark. Sure, our choices were shit…but DAMN. Obviously, I overestimated the power of Beyonce and Jay-Z in the Rust Belt.

Back to my nails, this knockout of a blue is Sinful Colors “Don’t Flake” from The Luxe Fragments Collection. I absolutely love this collection of jelly polishes with (mylar?) flakies. This is almost full coverage in two coats over Sinful Colors Base Coat and under “HK Girl”.

Excuse me, I’m going to go watch Idiocracy and cry myself to sleep.

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