Well, My Stars…

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…and here we go – Xmas nails! Nothing but holiday-ready nails. All. Month. Long.

First off, I’m digging into the new polishes I just got. After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I did two coats of Sinful Colors “You Just Wait”, a sheer, pearly polish. It’s mostly pale pink, but shifts gold and green. It almost reminds me of mother-of-pearl. It’s got decent coverage, without a lot of brush drag marks. That’s the one frustrating thing about pearly polishes – brush marks.

I topped with a single coat of Sinful Colors “Star Studded”. It’s different sizes of gold and silver glitter, with silver stars. I was able to get a decent amount of stars on the brush without too much trouble…after I held the bottle upside down for a minute or so before doing each hand. i wonder what it would look like over a dark polish – like the Milky Way? Extra shine from “HK Girl”.

What’s next?

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