Winter Dragon

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I couldn’t hold myself back – I had to jump right into these Game of Thrones polishes.

After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I painted two coats of Funky Fingers “Mother of Dragons” on all my nails. It looked redder in the bottle, but it turned more pink on my nails – think knockout rose pink, like a darker version of “Rose Tart”. The dark purple undercurrent is there – almost like electricity. I topped several of my nails with a single coat of Funky Fingers “Winter is Coming”, which is large and small white glitter, interspersed with iridescent flakie shards. The shards go from clear to blue/green in sunlight. My first impulse is to put “Winter is Coming” over every polish I wear for a month, but it is a SUPREME pain in the ass to get off your nails. This shit sticks like GLUE.

I topped with “HK Girl” and the polish lasted for a full seven days with no chips and only minor edge wear.

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