Candy Crush

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So I was going for a candy cane vibe again, but more like the crushed candy canes that you find on the floorboard of your car after Xmas. Kids are fun like that.

This is not an overly original look – I did a Candy Cane Vibe last year using similar polishes. Again, I started with Sinful Colors Base Coat and two coats of Sinful Colors “Tokyo Pearl”. For the crushed look, I used Funky Fingers “Red Wedding”, which has multiple sizes of glitter, plus jagged chunks. That shit was sharp. Instead of a gradient, I did the whole nail. I sealed the deal with “HK Girl”.

I didn’t love the way this turned out. Something didn’t gel between “Tokyo Pearl” and “Red Wedding” – the surface ended up a bit pitted and cloudy, even with “HK Girl” topping it. I feel like Funky Fingers doesn’t like other polishes?

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