Boring Pink

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So…and be honest. Is Makeup Revolution “Love Etc.” a boring pink?

I guess it’s not boring exactly – yeah, it’s boring. It’s a perfectly serviceable medium pink. No sparkle – totally creamy. I guess I’ve been spoiled by the exciting Julep and Sinful Colors polishes I’ve been using lately.

I feel like the polish chipped exceptionally easily. I started with Orly Bonder, but it just didn’t seem to stick. (My Orly Bonder was almost empty and I had a hard time getting a full brush – so my application might have been lacking. I gave up and threw away the bottle when I was done.) I also finished with “HK Girl”, but I feel like the formulas did not mesh well. I got a few bubbles and it didn’t dry as quickly as it should have.

Even though I’m whining a bit, my nails still looked pretty fucking good. The girl working the pizza joint on Friday was shocked that I had done them myself – she was convinced they were salon nails.

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