Mandarin Gold

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So…I got a new car this weekend – a 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring in “Mandarin Gold”. It’s the ultimate middle-aged mom car.

It is now my mission in life to find the perfect polish to match my car. I’ve never seen another color quite like Honda’s new “Mandarin Gold.” It’s not your ordinary gold, but more like a very sparkly brown with gold shimmer.

Julep “Penny” was near the top of my huge basket of untried polish. Julep describes it as burnished bronze metallic, but I detect more than a hint of copper. It is a rather close match to my new baby, if not a bit too light and a bit too copper.

I love Julep’s metallic polishes though – they have the best finish and self-level to be perfectly smooth. This is two coats over Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat and under “HK Girl”.

The first polish was close, but no cigar. I will continue my search.

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