Black Metals

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Thank you Black Moon Cosmetics, for bring back the Black Metals Collection.

Originally launched last fall (October?), the Black Metal Trinity was released as a Limited Edition Set, and included “Immortal” (blackened purple), “Armageddon” (blackened red), and “Sorrow” (blackened blue). “Myth” (blackened green) was available separately. I wasn’t feeling the green, purple or blue, so I passed and it sold out. Fast forward to February and Black Moon Cosmetics has added the collection to their permanent collection AND added a new shade called “Eternal” (blackened rose gold).

I HAD to have “Eternal”. I also added “Armageddon” and “Sleepwalker” (matte blackest black) to my order.

I haven’t had a chance to try “Sleepwalker yet – it’s not exactly an every day shade. “Eternal” looks amazing on – darker than I’d expected, but looked fantastic all day. “Armageddon” is my favorite – the most glittery red lipstick I’ve seen. This is what I WISHED Urban Decay “Trap Queen” had been.


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