Jonna Iguana

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This is it – I’ve found it. Julep “Jonna” is THE GREATEST POLISH EVER MADE.

Described as an iguana green duochrome, “Jonna” is possibly the most amazing and beautiful polish ever. It shifts from a pale green to a vibrant turquoise – I don’t even know how that’s possible. Science.

“Jonna” reminds me of the iguana we used to have, “Cheech”. He was one of the most beautiful iguanas I’ve ever seen and reasonably tame. I think he thought I was his girlfriend – he mounted my arm and bit my finger once when I was hand-feeding him.

The polish went on smoothly – no brush marks like many chromed polishes. This is two coats with Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat and “HK Girl”.

The polish was super long-lasting as well. I was able to wear it from Thursday to Wednesday with minimal wear – a whole week!

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