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Sinful Colors “Redrum” is aptly named – it looks like blood, bubbling up from…the abyss? Wherever blood bubbles from…I started with Sinful Colors Base Coat and then used several different colors to contrast: Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”, “Black on Black” and “GoGo Boy”. “GoGo Boy” was a last minute addition to my plan, since Lily had just used it to paint her nails and it was sitting there on the coffee table. “HK Girl” made it super shiny.

I’ll be honest, this was my second try with “Redrum”. On my first try, I made the mistake of painting each nail and letting them dry a few minutes. I added “Redrum” and then my nails were just red. Huh? I googled to see where I went wrong and found that I needed to add “Redrum” while the first polish was still wet. I removed all my polish and started over, this time, painting each nail individually and then immediately adding “Redrum” – BINGO!

This time, I was very pleased with the result – it’s like the next level of crackle polish. I’m looking forward to trying the other four.

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