November Julep Maven Box – Nourish & Flourish

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Ooohhh…Julep is adding masks to their repertoire!

Yup, I had to add the Triple Quench Deep Hydration Sheet Mask System to this month’s box. Not just a sheet mask – it also includes an essence ampoule pack for before the mask and a sleeping pack for after the mask. I’m going to wait until the winter chill hits my face hard and BAM! I’m going to moisturize the fuck out of my face.

I also chose Your Cuticles Look Thirsty Fast-Absorbing Cuticle Creme. Not a hand lotion, but a creme just for your nails beds. They’re not kidding, my cuticles sucked it right up. This is so much better than a messy cuticle oil. I also chose Julep It Girl “Dina”vintage denim shimmer. It absolutely does remind me of a comfy pair of stonewashes.

There’s a single mystery hard candy in this month’s box. No words on it all. I opened the cellophane and it’s BLUE, but there’s no smell. I’m scared.

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  1. […] “Dina” was the only polish I picked from this month’s box – I love it though. Oooooh, and tomorrow I get to pick out stuff for my December box. […]

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