December Julep Maven Box – Going Baroque

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I’m really making an attempt to be on the ball this month. That – AND I really want to dig into all these polishes!

I feel like I splurged a bit on this month’s “Going Baroque” Collection. I was really excited to see the it’s whipped Matte Lip Mousse in metallic finishes, so I added both to my box – “bacio”, copper russet metallic matte, and “spark”, plum metallic matte. Even thought the Lip Mousses transfer onto everything, I really like how they feel on my lips. I also added Classic with a Twist “Kayleigh”, holly berry iridescent shimmer. What a red!

The splurge was adding three add-ons this month, using up almost all my saved Jules. I added Bombshell “Persephone”, crushed berry holographic, It Girl “Dyani”, starry night sky holographic, AND white snowflake decals. For my trouble, they sent me a free polish – Boho Glam “Magdalene”. Boo – I got this one back in 2015.

The biggest mystery is the addition of Bombshell “Mira”, cast iron matte shimmer, in this month’s box. It was a new polish created for October’s Divine Darkness Mystery Box. Maybe a freebie that everyone got instead of candy? I’ll happily take it!

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  2. […] This month’s Julep box had the remedy to that situation. I picked Julep “Dyani” as the background for the snowflake decals. Those little decals were stubborn as fuck – they did NOT want to come off the backing paper in one piece. I used my thinnest, sharpest tweezers and got all but one of them off in one piece. This is two coats of “Dyani”, over Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat, then decals, then Glisten & Glow Top Coat. […]

  3. […] My first paint job of the year is Julep “Persephone”. Crushed berry holographic – it’s basically a bright fuchsia with multicolored sparkles throughout. It’s abso-fucking-mazing. I am really loving this month’s Julep Collection. […]

  4. […] & Glow Top Coat. I did sandwich in a coat of Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber over the Julep Snowflakes and under the top coat. What did I do before Glitter Grabber? Oh yeah, I just peeled the decals off […]

  5. […] did you know that nail decals can go bad? The first set of Julep Snowflake Decals that I got back in 2017 totally shredded when I tried to peel them off the backing. No problem, […]

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