True Blue

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I’m back! After a full mastectomy and reconstruction, I thought I’d be out of commission longer. Don’t get me wrong – I walk about as fast a turtle and can barely move – but sure can paint my fingernails.

Before I got started, I went ahead and trimmed and buffed my nails, so that I’d have a good canvas to start from. My ringer finger and pinkys were getting long, so those took the most trim.

My daughter had already picked a color for my toes, which she would be painting for me later. She chose LVX “Haitus True Blue” – a special edition polish released at Hiatus Spa + Retreat. I think one of my aunt’s gave it to her for Xmas, so I guess that’s how she ended up with it? I’d never tried LVX polishes before – this one is pretty nice. It’s a bit thicket than I’m used to, but still workable. The first coat had streaks, but the second coat leveled out and gave beautiful coverage. I started with Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat and ended with Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

I wanna say that this blue is the same “True Blue” as the Madonna cassette. For real, I have the cassette tape underneath my bed, but I don’t have the mobility to go check. If I ask my husband to look, he’ll want to start trashing the stuff I have hidden under there. I checked Google though and Google agrees with me.

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