Fingers Crossed…


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Not only are my fingers crossed for BETO to run the Texas Senate Race tonight, but my toes, too. If I could cross my tits, they’d be crossed as well.

I am pretty OCD and am stickler for blogging in the order of my Instagram posts, but tonight I bent my rules to post about my BETO nails. I mean, I still have Halloween nails to post, so what’s another few days when it’s already been a week?

I got these Rose Gold Decals in my September box and I love them…but what to spell with them? I guess I could spell my name. Or my kids’ names. Or maybe I could just spell “FUCK OFF” like a sophisticated version of a knuckle tattoo. I decided to test them out with “BETO”. I almost put “VOTE”  on my other hand, but got lazy.

After Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat, I did two coats of Julep “Della”, a freebie from the April box. It reminds me of PRUNES! I carefully placed the decals with tweezers, then finished with Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

In just a few hours, BETO may or may not be a new Texas Senator. Will you cross your fingers, too?

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