Cheesy Poof

This is it – this is what you’ve been waiting for. I know you want to hear ALL about those scented nail polishes

I started with Sinful Colors “Cheese Puff” because…I don’t know why chose that one first. First off, I was surprised to see that it is a textured polish. It’s got a fine, sandy finish, literally it felt like scraping sand off my nails when I was taking it off. It’s got a little bit of glitter to it, very subtle. It really does feel like the outer surface of a cheesy poof.

But does it SMELL like a cheesy poof? They actually DO! The smell is very subtle, but it was there – even the next day. My husband and children say it just smells like nail polish, but they are all congested and cannot smell shit.

This is two coats of “Cheese Puff” over Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat. No top coat, so my fingers could vaguely smell like feet.

If you’ve ever wanted your fingernails to look (and smell) like you’ve just finished off a bag of Cheetoes, this is the polish for you!

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