Easter Egg Hair

I didn’t dye eggs on Easter…but I did dye my hair.

Shortly after the quarantine started I ordered 3 new samples ($11 each) from oVertone: Extreme Teal, Pink for Brown Hair, and Purple for Brown Hair. Shipping was slower than usual and it took a bit to get here, and then…procrastination. I finally got around to dying my hair on Easter Sunday.

I just went for it and used all of them. I didn’t mix them all together – I sectioned my dry hair and applied separately. I used Extreme Teal on the right side – it did not take well on my hair. It wasn’t teal, as much as a swampy grey-blue. I used Purple for Brown Hair on the center and Pink for Brown Hair on the left side. I am much more impressed by the “for Brown Hair” formulas. The “Extreme” formula did not color the brown portion of my hair at all, just the highlighted portion. There is a “Blue for Brown Hair” – maybe I’ll try that one?

I can get about one more use out of the remainder of the three sample jars. $16.50 per dye session is a bit pricey – but that’s because I bought samples. The full size is $29 and I can get 2.5-3 applications, (if I remember correctly), which is $11.60 to $9.67, if I stretch it, which is a bit more affordable. It’s still more expensive than Clairol Color Crave or L’Oreal Colorista, but my hair feels so much better after using oVertone. It’s definitely a luxurious product and absolutely worth it.

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