Wine Not?

I don’t drink wine, I wish I could. I seem to have developed a mild histamine response to wine after I had my son. Before pregnancy, I just got a headache from wine, but now I get red and blotchy, and my throat closes slightly. I suspect it’s from the skins, because I can drink White Lambrusco (thanks Beth) and Sweet Icelandic Wine (thanks Carin), both of which are fermented WITHOUT the skins.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, I was trying to make a pun with the name of this nail polish – Sinful Colors “Wine Not?” I got distracted and fucked it up.

Isn’t “Wine Not?” beautiful though? The Sinful Shines have a remarkable shimmer, they are really growing on me. This is two coats of “Wine Not?” over Glisten & Glow Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

I need a wine expert to guide me through finding wines with grape skins that don’t give me a headache or a rash.

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