Pride Skittles

June is Pride Month, so how about Pride Skittle Nails?

Technically, I guess these aren’t Skittles – I blended the colors on my nails instead of using one color per nail. I pulled out the Sinful Colors Pride Collection and got to work.

I am terribly boring and blended the colors in ROY G BIV order, starting with red “Tainted Love”, orange “Tight Squeeze”, yellow “Natural Blonde”, green “Filthy Rich”, blue “Love is Love”, and purple “Drag Queen”. I layered two coats of each over Glisten & Glow Base Coat. The unique finish is from topping with Sinful Colors Rubber Top Coat – it’s basically just a slightly rougher matte top coat.

The shades blended really well, except for the yellow and green. I feel like the yellow and green blended really awkwardly. My favorite blend ended up on my right thumb, the red and purple. I don’t normally take pics of my neglected left hand, especially my stunted and damaged thumb nail, but I really wanted to show the blend in this post.

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