Harvest Blooms

So one of my sisters-in-law sells Color Street Nail Strips and she sent some Thanksgiving strips – “Harvest Blooms” – for me to try. My only experience with nail strips are Jamberry, and these are quite different.

While Jamberry strips are like thick vinyl stickers, Color Street are much thinner and more flexible…and more fragile. I managed to tear a few of them trying to apply them. They don’t require a heater though, which is nice.

I must have strangely shaped fingernails, but the strips didn’t really fit my nails well – do I have huge fingers? The largest strips (toe size?) barely covered my thumbs, but the next size down didn’t cover any of my nails very well. Also, my nails are fairly long right now, so the only nails that I could use one strip on two nails was my pinky – the rest were too short. I wouldn’t get two full uses out of 16 pack, which makes them less than economical for me to use – although they are VERY pretty!

Color Street Nail Strips Retail for $13 for a set of 16 double-ended strips, comparable to Jamberry…I think? I don’t recall what I paid for Jamberry years and years ago.

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