Zoomer & Zorbit

I was resisting buying any of the Orly x Lisa Frank Nail Wraps ($11.99 at Ulta)…until I saw how cute they looked on my friend, Angie. Angie is my biggest nail influencer!

To my credit, I only bought one of the four designs – “Zoomer & Zorbit” – a duo of freaky aliens. I’ve always had a thing for “little green men”.

This is my first time trying Orly Nail Wraps. The wraps are a bit short, so I can definitely only cover one nail per wrap. They filed down well though and didn’t leave a jagged edge. The wraps did not peel up either – they stayed put for a week! I will mention though – these wraps have a clear layer on top that may lift up. This clear layer peeled off of several nails and afterwards, the design faded off. So don’t be tempted to peel off the clear protective layer!

The strips are pricy, but have great staying power and apply very well. Here’s to hoping they go on sale!

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