Late Birthday Post

Do my kids know me, or what?

This is the very first year that my kids took initiative and shopped for my birthday gifts ALONE, with no help from their father. Truthfully, he had NO IDEA what they had gotten me until I opened them. I giggled like a schoolgirl, opening up the Jason Momoa Funko Pop. (He may be single right now, but he will just have to be sad and lonely – I am NOT at all single.) I may have squealed with joy when I opened the Rose Apothecary Eau de Parfum from Beekman 1802. It smells just as awesome as the Rose Apothecary Lotion that Cat sent me! I am so excited to smell like “Ew, David” every day.

Thank you, gutfruit and crotchfruit…you made this old lady’s birthday very, very special.

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