January 2022 Sucreabeille Mini Subscription Bag

You didn’t really think I’d be able to to stick with just one beauty subscription, did you?

I started off the new year with a new scent subscription and I am super excited about it! The Mini Subscription Bag contains 6 1ml oil samples – one unreleased scent and five current scents.

The unreleased scent is called “Team Reckless Abandon”. It’s a musky scent and I cannot quite place the rest of the notes. Since it is unreleased, I cannot search the site to tell me what it is…

My favorite scent from the bag is “Caffeine Poisoning”, which smells like I dumped a Caffe Mocha all over myself, but in a good way? Also in this month’s bag: “Bohemian” (discontinued, scented like absinthe and peppermint); “Blood Lust” (Oh, I have that one); “Papa’s Waffles” (this smells like straight BUTTER on me…like what I imagine Paula Deen smells like when she’s horny in the kitchen); and “Peace Out, Bitches” (a very subtle lemon and flowers scent). The only one my husband liked was “Peace Out, Bitches”…he has a very discerning sniffer.

While I subscribe to the Mini Subscription Bag at just $15/month (shipping is extra), there’s also a Medium Subscription Bag for $40/month and a Full Size Subscription Bag for $70/month. They are very, very tempting! Click here for a $5 off coupon (for you AND me)!

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