Sweet Tooth

It’s spooky season! And spooky season means spooky nails!

Candy corn isn’t exactly spooky…but it is definitely October-y.

This is Color Street “Sweet Tooth”. This is one of the best Color Street applications I’ve done, if I do say so myself…and I do.

Not to brag, but I had no less than FIVE nurses compliment my nails when I went in for a colonoscopy on Wednesday. One of them was a dude…just saying. (If you are in the “45 and over” boat like me, go get your pooper checked! Please and thank you!)

I also want to point out the glittery avocado charm I am holding – I am OBSESSED with it. Many thanks to my LaLa and my Lisa for picking it out for me! I may have to pull out “Let’s Guac and Roll” again…

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