Polish Pickup April 2023 – Flowers

I’ve been following Polish Pickup for years and years, but never bought anything…I was happy with my Julep and Sinful Colors, and whatever else I found at the grocery store…but I am no longer getting half a dozen new polishes every month…so splurging on Indie Polish is much more attractive these days. PLUS, supporting small business – I’m in!

April’s theme was “Flowers”. The first thing I added to my basket was Baroness X Acetone Antidote in “Darkness Falls” ($8). It’s an additive that protects your skin from acetone – and it smells great. It contains glycerin and jojoba oil. I added about half the bottle (probably too much) to my little up&up nail polish remover finger tub and it does exactly what it says it does – my fingers were soft and moisturized and smelled like peonies and musk. I will be a repeat customer, for sure.

I also tried out Vibrant Scents’ Base Coat and Top Coat in “Island Petals” ($8.50 each). They have a lovely tropical scent – plumeria maybe? The scent doesn’t last long, but it’s an absolute improvement over the usual nail polish smell.

I only snagged one nail polish – Poetry Cowgirl “Dead Flowers” ($12.50), a dense microglitter. Stay tuned to see it!

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  1. […] is Poetry Cowgirl “Dead Flowers” from April’s Polish Pickup. It’s an absolutely PACKED microglitter – primarily silver, blue and rust colored […]

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