Barbie: The Movie

Yesterday, I went with both my kids, LaLa and Miss Lisa to go see the Barbie movie in Lufkin…we’d been planning this for MONTHS, and I assure you…we were NOT disappointed. It was everything we wanted it to be, and more. But this isn’t knobbyverse, so I’ll save the rest of my thoughts for the official review.

Of COURSE, we all (except Logan) did Barbie nails for the film. After reviewing dozens of pink polishes, I decided that I wanted to do a combo of Color Street Nail Strips and a pink polish. I wanted to use Formula X “Astrolady”…but it was totally dried up! Even OPI Nail Lacquer thinner couldn’t save her…but I had a backup plan. Julep “Cadance” is a similar textured pink polish, just without as much gold sparkle. I painted two coats of “Cadance” over Vibrant Scents Base Coat in “Island Petals”.

The pink polish was an accent for black and white stripes and chevrons – I wanted to represent the first Barbie’s iconic swimsuit. There is NO WAY I could paint stripes, so I decided to use Color Street Nail strips. I started with plain white – “Swiss and Tell”. I then topped those nails with black and clear nail strips. I used “Between the Lines” for the stripes and “Keep Calm and Chevron” for the chevrons. Thank GOODNESS for nail strips!

I hope these nails last a few more days – I absolutely LOVE them.

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