Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

I saved the best for last from September’s Polish Pickupthis is Baroness X “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”. (I assume it’s only repeated twice, because if it was called “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”, all HELL would break loose.)

I was totally astounded at the beauty of this nail polish. In most lights, it looks like a dull, black polish – not even shiny. But when light – or the sun especially – hits it just right, it burns a brilliant red. I puzzled for days on how to photograph this polish and finally came upon the solution in my car. I mean…why the hell not?

This is two coats of “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary” over Vibrant Scents Double Bond Base Coat in “Island Petals” and under Vibrant Scents Top Coat in “Island Petals”.

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