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Suck it, Chanel


I’ve been getting Consumer Reports for years and I can honestly say that they’ve never steered me wrong. I learn something new with every issue…that I get around to reading. This month’s issue, however, contained information that I already knew – expensive isn’t necessarily better when it comes to nail polish.

Consumer Reports tested 7 polishes, ranging from luxury brand Chanel at $27 to drugstore brand Sinful Colors at $2. Surprise! Sinful Colors won! Read the entire article on Consumer Reports site.

Since Walgreen’s has Sinful Colors on sale for 99 cents again…I decided to celebrate their victory. I picked up 6: “Tokyo Pearl” – pearly white, “Cinderella” – literally the color of Cinderella’s dress, iridescent baby blue, “Hot Chili” – rusty red shimmer with red holographic glitter, “Yellow Spotted” – bright yellow shimmer, “Green Ocean” – light green jelly with iridescent green glitter and “Pinky Glitter” – pink jelly with iridescent glitter. Are you sensing a theme? Lots of iridescence and glitter?