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Semi Annual Sale: Round 2


Yeah, I totally went back today. My BFF and I purposely ate at the Panera near our office because there’s a B&BW in the same shopping center.

While my BFF filled up a sack with “Carried Away”, I actually branched out and picked up some 50% off 3 wick candles – “Black Sands”an unforgettable blend of ocean mist and exotic amber finished with creamy cedarwood and “Grapefruit Pomelo”a blend of tart grapefruit, sweet pomelo and juicy orange. (What is a pomelo?) Since these are usually on sale for 2/$22, I paid 25 cents more each. I also picked up 5/$10 Scent Portables for my car – there are only 4 in the picture, because I immediately popped a “Spring” into my car in the parking lot. I also picked up 2 75% off shower gels – “Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber” and “London Tulips and Raspberry Tea”. Last, I grabbed a “Lemon Chiffon Tart” AntiBac – even though it was $3, instead of $2.50 like yesterday.

I stopped my total at just above $40, so I could use another coupon…the sale runs through the first week of July, so you know I’ll be back…


Lunchtime Shopping


There’s a saying about “money burning a hole in your pocket”…is it possible to have a coupon burning a hole in your pocket?

Amy and I both had Bath & Body Works coupons burning holes in our pockets, so after a quick lunch at Panera (which we chose because it was in the same shopping center as Bath & Body Works, of course), we stopped by to use our “Free Travel Size” coupons.

Amy chose a “Carried Away” purse spray, but I picked their newest scent, “Mad About You.” The scent is described as black currant, peony and vanilla. Since “Peony” was discontinued years ago, I’ve been looking for a good replacement. “Black Raspberry Vanilla” was retired as well, and the more I smell “Mad About You”, the more I wonder if it is possible that it’s a combo of two of my favorite discontinued scents?

After I try out the purse spray, I may be going back to get a full set. After all, I have 3 20% off coupons still burning a hole in my pocket…