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The Saw is Family

No one will be shocked that the first polished I picked to try out from September’s Polish Pickup is Sweet & Sour Lacquer “The Saw is Family”. I mean, a Texas Chainsaw Massacre nail polish…DUH.

I love the way this polish is put together. The base is a blood red crelly, with a mixture of black and blue iridescent glitters that make it look like a bloody saw blade. I am in love.

This is two coats of “The Saw is Family” over Vibrant Scents Double Bond Base Coat in “Island Petals”. I kind of screwed up on the top coat. I did a coat of Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber and then automatically grabbed Glisten & Glow Top Coat instead of the matching Vibrant Scents Top Coat. Oopsies.


Polish Pickup September 2023 – Haunted History

I cannot remember the last time I spent $65 on nail polish…but I couldn’t resist September’s theme, “Haunted History.” I’ve got to celebrate Spooky Season!

Danglefoot Nail Polish “Hair Raising” ($13) is inspired by past hair disasters…I’ve had a few of those myself.

Sweet & Sour Lacquer “The Saw is Family” ($13) is inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre…supposedly based on a true story, at least according to the kids in my daycare. (For those of you NOT from Texas, it’s not…Ed Gein notwithstanding.)

Alchemy Lacquer “Oddities” ($12.50) is inspired by the medicinal plant garden at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. I am intrigued. And it’s NOT red!

Baroness X “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary” ($13) is inspired by…guess who…Bloody Mary.

Lilypad Lacquer “Haunted forever” ($14) is inspired by…an image on the web. Not sure which image, hmmmm…

I seriously had to limit myself to just 5…I wanted at least 15 other polishes. Which one should I try first???