Sinful Halloween Polishes


I should have been suspicious yesterday when my son asked to go shopping with me…until I realized that he just wanted to eat all the tasty samples at HEB. The joke was on him though – he had to go to Walgreen’s with me first. He showed absolutely NO enthusiasm for picking out 99 cent nail polish…

My animosity towards the color orange is well documented, but you can’t have Halloween without orange and black. So in addition to Sinful Colors “Glow in the Dark” (which kind of works – I experimented on my daughter – but I think it needs more than one coat), I got “Splatter Spell” – different shapes of orange and black glitter – and “Pumpkin Spice” – orange, red and gold glitter.

I got a Walgreen’s brand fake eos lip balm – 100% natural beeswax, with vitamin E and peppermint. I bought it solely because it was shaped like a cute little beehive. I tried it and it tingled like Burt’s Bees! I’m in love!

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