So Cute I Could Puke

My nails are so cute…they make me wanna puke. Look at those hearts – gross!

After Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat, I used two different polishes – Julep “Lindy” on my thumb and ring finger and Julep “Carol”. I thought you would be able to tell the difference between “Lindy” and “Carol” – “Lindy” has shimmery flakies and “Carol” is a sheer jelly – but they look almost exactly the same when topped with Julep “Hartleigh”.

Julep got it right with “Hartleigh”. I had no problem getting the hearts on my nails – the bottle was packed! I got eat least two hearts on each nail and three on a few of them. It also wasn’t all goopy like “America”.

I topped with “HK Girl” to give those hearts extra security. Those suckers aren’t coming off unless I use sandpaper.

At least this Valentine’s Day is preceded by a Friday the 13th…I have that to look forward to.

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