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I’m So Money

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I’m so money…you don’t even know.

This combination reminds me of a crispy $20 bill – one of those new multicolored ones. I started with two coats of Sinful Colors “Moss Have” over Sinful Colors Base Coat. “Moss Have” is a creamy moss green pearl chrome – similar to “Tokyo Pearl”. I like this formula much better – fewer drag marks from the brush and it doesn’t leave streaks.

For contrast, I used Sinful Colors “Under Cover” on my thumb and forefinger – two coats. More glitter = more happy. I love glitters like these with a dense concentration of different sizes and colors of glitter.

“HK Girl” sealed the deal. I’m hoping that this manicure lasts a while…I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to paint them again…Shhhh…


Purple Rain


How could I not honor His Royal Purple Sexiness? Who is gonna make music to fuck to now?

After starting with Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat, I painted 2 coats of Julep “Aubrey”, Rosewood Shimmer AKA browny purple. I used Julep “Geo” as an accent on my thumb and ring finger for the rain. Top coat is “HK Girl”.

Thinking about a whole series of Prince tributes…Little Red Corvette, Raspberry Beret, Diamonds and Pearls…


Rose Quartz & Serenity


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For 2016, Pantone announced 2 “Colors of the Year” – Rose Quartz & Serenity. To me, it looks like your two basic layette choices – blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl. And Sephora really thinks people are going to wear baby blue lipstick? What do I know…maybe they will?

No need to go buy new polishes for 2016 – I dug into my stash and chose Sinful Colors “Glass Pink” for “Rose Quartz” and Sinful Colors “Cinderella” for “Serenity”. After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I painted two coats of “Glass Pink” or “Cinderella” on each nail. To add a little sparkle, I topped with a coat of Zoya “Monet”. I finished with “HK Girl”.

I love and hate these colors on my nails. It’s almost too cute and fussy. Almost.


Piss Piñata


Never one to shy away from the most grotesque descriptions possible, I cannot resist comparing this particular combination of nail polish to the after effects of killing a piñata over a toilet. A “piss piñata”, if you will.

I do admit that Sinful Colors “Otaku Anime” is the loveliest yellow I have ever used. I usually hate yellow polish – I don’t often try it – but this shimmery polish manages not to look like a fungus. It is, however, reminiscent of a urine sample. I added Sinful Colors Piñata Blast “Fierce Fiesta” to my thumb and ring finger to jazz it up. “Fierce Fiesta” is a very sparse topper – red, blue and yellow dots, with giant pink hex pieces.

I used Sinful Colors Base Coat and “HK Girl” – smooth as silk.


Mango or Queso?

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I had been putting off trying Funky Fingers “Hang Ten, Brah”. Even though it is a solar polish, I was prepared to hate it…but I totally LOVE it.

I thought it would be a sickly boring yellow, but it turned out to be a lovely Mango flesh color, with a subtle green shimmer. I don’t even like Mango (it smells like dirty vagina), but the color is ripe and vibrant.

I realized while we were eating dinner tonight – “Hang Ten, Brah” is ALSO the exact color of queso (FUN FACT – my BFF thinks queso smells like dirty vagina).

I was going to take a pic of my nails and my queso, but I ate it too fast.

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This is “Hang Ten, Brah” in sunlight. It actually changes as much as the bottle promises, into a juicy tangerine.

I also used Funky Fingers “Scattered Sea Shells” on my thumb and ring fingers. It’s different sizes of white glitter with bits of pink, blue and Mango/Queso glitter.

This is just two coats with Orly Bonder and “HK Girl”. I could have gotten rid of the VNL with more coats, but I was feeling lazy last night.


Fourth 4th


This is it – my fourth 4th of July mani. I had every intention of posting this yesterday, but there was just too much grilling and Gatorade and watermelon and blowing stuff up – MURICA!

I am in LOVE with the red I used for the base – Sinful Colors “Ruby Glisten”. Yeah, I have a ton of red glitters, but this one is so deep and juicy – it’s by far the prettiest. This is just two coats, over Sinful Colors Base Coat, of course.

I accented my thumb and ring finger with Julep “Fireworks” – jazzy. Since I used “HK Girl”, this mani lasted all the way from Wednesday to Sunday – spectacular.

OK, I’m DONE with the red, white and blue!


St. Patrick’s Day Nails


Oh, I have been waiting for weeks to try out these pretty greens!

After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I painted two coats of Sinful Colors “Happy Ending” – those folks at Sinful Colors are FILTHY. It’s a beautiful kelly green that goes on smooth. I used Sinful Colors “Shamrockin” on my thumb and ring finger – it would be just too much on every finger…that and it was hella-hard getting those little non-clover flowers out of the bottle. A coat of “HK Girl” made them super shiny and smoothed out those bumpy flowers.

Now no one can pinch me tomorrow!


So Cute I Could Puke

My nails are so cute…they make me wanna puke. Look at those hearts – gross!

After Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat, I used two different polishes – Julep “Lindy” on my thumb and ring finger and Julep “Carol”. I thought you would be able to tell the difference between “Lindy” and “Carol” – “Lindy” has shimmery flakies and “Carol” is a sheer jelly – but they look almost exactly the same when topped with Julep “Hartleigh”.

Julep got it right with “Hartleigh”. I had no problem getting the hearts on my nails – the bottle was packed! I got eat least two hearts on each nail and three on a few of them. It also wasn’t all goopy like “America”.

I topped with “HK Girl” to give those hearts extra security. Those suckers aren’t coming off unless I use sandpaper.

At least this Valentine’s Day is preceded by a Friday the 13th…I have that to look forward to.


Monsters Ball


Remember when I said “Don’t try all the colors!” Don’t listen to me – I was clearly wrong.

This is a combination of some of the polishes I got in my last Ulta order. I totally feel like Lady Gaga…without the pointy witch nails, of course. I started with Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat and then 2 coats of Pixel “The Midas Touch” on all my nails. The polish was much sheerer than I expected, but dried quickly – leaving only 2 or 3 bubbles. I’ve never heard of Pixel Cosmetics before, but a quick Google told me that it is a newish line, exclusive to Ulta and similar to Prestige or Essence. I used China Glaze “Boo-gie Down” on my pointer and middle. No fishing glitter out of the bottle – it went on perfectly right out of the bottle. I want to put this polish over EVERYTHING to see how it looks. My pinky got China Glaze “Bat Your Eyes”. Again, this is a beautiful polish – black with different sizes of gold glitter. Both China Glaze polishes are from the Halloween 2013 Monsters Ball Collection. I’m excited to see what Halloween polishes China Glaze releases this year – for me…every day is Halloween!




This is for all my friends with nail envy….sometimes my nails just end up looking like ASS.

I was so excited about my Sinful Colors haul, that I decided to try to use all the colors. DON’T try all the colors!

After Sally Hansen Diamond Shine, I put on 2 coats of “Let Me Go” – it’s a purplish pink with a blue tinge in the bottle, but it is much sheerer on the nail. I used “Super Star” as an accent on my thumb – royal blue jelly base with vibrant purple glitter – and “Decadent” on my ring finger – fuchsia glitter in various sizes. I topped with NYC In a New York Color Minute “Grand Central Station”. Unfortunately, I started doing stuff too quickly and the edges curtained. Curtaining occurs when the top layer is dry, but the layers underneath aren’t and the whole top layer moves on the nail and creates a wrinkled edge, like sweeping a curtain with a sash. It happens more often with cremes and I thought this shimmer would be safe. Nope.

I really like “Decadent” over “Let Me Go”, but the “Super Star” doesn’t match AT ALL. This shit has to go…