Can’t Hardly Wait


I placed a Jamberry order for my party (couldn’t wait), but I haven’t gotten it yet. Kimberly sent me some samples to hand out (hit me up if you’re local) and I couldn’t resist snagging one to try out – “Cheetah Illusions” on my ring finger. Doesn’t it look like a 3D image without 3D glasses on? The red and the blue shift?

I decided to pair it with two of my new polishes – Sinful Colors “Flower Power” and “Petal be the Day”. I thought they would match a little better, but whatever. I LOVE “Flower Power” – the light pink base gives good coverage to my stained nails. I wasn’t thrilled with the lack of coverage with “Petal Be the Day”. As Luci said, I need to start a pile of “top coat only” polishes. Of course, Sinful Colors Base Coat and “HK Girl” for the top coat. I swear, “HK Girl” shrank again – look at my middle finger!

My Party is still going – click here to join.

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  1. Luci says:

    Haha! I’m surprised you haven’t got all anal with as many polishes as you have. Crap pile, top coat only pile, base coat pile, reds, red glitters, etc. 😉

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