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Go Broncos?


Obviously, the Broncos won because of my nails. Obviously.

I was happy to have a reason to use my “Horses” Jamberry Wraps – so I chose orange and blue to go with them. The orange is Julep “Mariska” and the blue is Sinful Colors “Endless Blue”. To jazz them up, I used essie Luxeffects “Set in Stones” and “Summit of Style” – but honestly, I can’t tell which is which. I used Sinful Colors Base Coat and “HK Girl” to start and finish my nails.



The Wicked Witch of the East


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OK – this is it – the last Halloween manicure you’ll have to see this year!

We’re that lame family that sometimes does theme costumes. Not every year, but we’ve done it more than once. This year – the theme is The Wizard of Oz. My son is a flying monkey, my husband is the Tin Man, my daughter is the Wicked Witch of the West and I am the Wicked Witch of the East. Oh yeah, the dog is Dorothy. By far, I have the easiest costume – all I needed was a witch hat, striped socks and ruby slippers. Oh…and my nails did.

I used Jamberry Stripes and Chevrons on my thumb and pinky. I used Zoya “Chyna” on my middle three fingers. (This is two coats over Zoya Armour.)

Do you like my doorstop? My little sister got it for me a few Xmases ago…


The Black Lodge

I’ve had this Twin Peaks themed manicure in my head for months…and I finally was able to test it out. This is a dry run of how I plan to do my nails in a few weeks to attend Texas Frightmare Weekend – Sherilyn Fenn and Jennifer Lynch will be there!

I did the Jamberry portion first – “Black & White Chevrons” on my index finger and I used “Newsprint on Neutral” to cut a “b” and an “r” for my ring fingers. (I know they should have been capital letters, but I couldn’t find any on the wrap.) I then did 2 coats of Sally Hansen Total Manicure “Sweet Talker” on my ring finger to seal it. I then used Sinful Colors Base Coat on the rest of my nails. I used 2 coats of Sinful Colors “No Text Red” on my thumb and pinky. I used 2 coats of Hare Polish “The Red Room” on my middle finger. I sealed all of my painted nails with “HK Girl”.

I absolutely LOVE how my nails turned out. I am going to make a few changes next time, including incorporating “How’s Annie?” into the mix.

I can’t wait for another trip!


Purple Diamond


I said goodbye to the Grease nails, but the Jamberry “February Host Exclusive” still looked good – at least on my left hand. My right hand was peeling and shredding to shit, so I peeled it off.

After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I did two coats of Sinful Colors “Purple Diamond” and then “HK Girl”. I was disappointed that it wasn’t a deeper, richer purple. Look at the bottle and then look at my fingers – maybe with 6 or 7 coats I could get that rich purple. SIGH. Even so, “Purple Diamond” is a nice lovely lavender-y purple.


We Go Together


So I finally got a chance to try out my new Jamberry Mini Heater – it’s SO much easier than the one-handed hair dryer method. Not only is application easier, I was able to avoid wrinkles. Now the only thing I have to figure out is how to trim the wrap on my right hand without stabbing myself.

I paired the Jamberry “February Host Exclusive” with Funky Fingers Grease themed polishes – “Pink Ladies” & “Beauty School Dropout”. These are some intense jelly glitters! They look very “little girl-ish” – I may be using these on Lily more than myself.

I used Orly Bonder to make the glitter stick and “HK Girl” to make my nails smooth as glass.


My 1st Jamicure


I couldn’t think of anything else to hold, so I just grabbed this cute Blue Q soap that I got from my big sister for Xmas.

I got my first Jamberry order yesterday, just in time for my Spring Break trip. Since I’ll be gone until Sunday, I’ll be too busy with my “old people friends” (my son’s words, not mine) knitting and drinking Ensure daiquiris to play with my nails.

I decided to start out with “Dia de los Muertos”, because of course I did. It took WAY longer than I thought it would – I had only ever done accent nails before. It took longer than painting my nails…BUT as soon as I was done, I didn’t have to wait for it to dry or anything, so I still think I ended up ahead. I got a few wrinkles in the tips – probably because I have very long nail beds and very curved fingernails. I’m hoping I get better with practice.

I’m hoping that it still looks good on Sunday…


Cheetah Cherry Tomato


I took off the flowery glitter, but kept my Jamberry “Cheetah Illusion” accent nails. I wanted to try something more sophisticated…

I decided to try the L’Oreal mystery red (seriously, I cannot figure out what this color is called) from November’s BB5. It’s similar to Zoya “Sooki”, but thinner. There’s a slight hint of orange to this red. It’s like a bright, red cherry tomato!

Even with Orly Bonder to make it stick and “HK Girl” as armor, I’m already starting to get killer edge wear. So rude.


Can’t Hardly Wait


I placed a Jamberry order for my party (couldn’t wait), but I haven’t gotten it yet. Kimberly sent me some samples to hand out (hit me up if you’re local) and I couldn’t resist snagging one to try out – “Cheetah Illusions” on my ring finger. Doesn’t it look like a 3D image without 3D glasses on? The red and the blue shift?

I decided to pair it with two of my new polishes – Sinful Colors “Flower Power” and “Petal be the Day”. I thought they would match a little better, but whatever. I LOVE “Flower Power” – the light pink base gives good coverage to my stained nails. I wasn’t thrilled with the lack of coverage with “Petal Be the Day”. As Luci said, I need to start a pile of “top coat only” polishes. Of course, Sinful Colors Base Coat and “HK Girl” for the top coat. I swear, “HK Girl” shrank again – look at my middle finger!

My Party is still going – click here to join.


I’m having a Jamberry Party!


So….I’m having an online Jamberry Party! Jamberry is a great way to get glittery nails, without having to get a chainsaw to file that shit off…

I’ve got a bunch of trips coming up and I need something that lasts longer than regular polish – Jamberry to the rescue! Plus, they came out with a few sets with Day of the Dead Skulls…so I’ve got to have those! I’m also going to pick up some black & white chevrons to add to a “Black Lodge” manicure I’ve been dreaming up.

My cuz Kimberly is a Jamberry Consultant and set up the party for me – click here to connect with Kimberly and find out more! If you want to join my party, here’s a direct link!


Jamberry Chip Challenge


Although I excel at painting my nails, I’m not so confident when it comes to nail art. I have an art degree, yet I shy away from anything more detailed than globbing glitter on the ends of my fingernails. Jamberry Nail Wraps might be an interesting solution to that problem.

Nail Wraps have been around for quite awhile – they’re just stickers for your nails. I’ve gotten other brands, like Sally Hansen, as gifts, but I’ve never actually tried them. When my cousin, Kimberly, offered me a sample to try, I figured – why not?

The top pictures is my day one picture – a leopard Jamberry Nail Wrap on my pinky and 2 coats of China Glaze “Bat My Eyes” (with Revlon base and top coats). Notice that I had already chipped my index finger while trying to peal the plastic safety seal off of a new bottle of contact solution!


The bottom picture is my day three picture. Most of my painted nails look pretty good, but that index finger is looking pretty rough. The Jamberry finger looks exactly the same!

The sample I got was a little small for my nails – it was too small for my pinky even. I never considered myself to have large fingernails…but I AM 6’1, so maybe I do. A full pack comes with various sizes, so I don’t think that would be a problem for me.

It was easier than I expected to apply the wraps. I didn’t need any special heat lamps or tools – I was able to heat it with a hair dryer and and just press it on with my finger. I was able to get a fairly smooth edge using a regular emery board.

For what you’re getting, they aren’t overly expensive. $15 a sheet and you should be able to get 4 manicures per sheet. As much as I love to paint my nails, I cannot imagine committing to a single design for 2 weeks! I don’t foresee myself switching to wraps or even using them on a regular basis…but I can envision myself using them occasionally on an accent nail.

If you would like to find out more about Jamberry, visit Kimberly’s site – http://kimberlymoreno.jamberrynails.net/ .