My 1st Jamicure


I couldn’t think of anything else to hold, so I just grabbed this cute Blue Q soap that I got from my big sister for Xmas.

I got my first Jamberry order yesterday, just in time for my Spring Break trip. Since I’ll be gone until Sunday, I’ll be too busy with my “old people friends” (my son’s words, not mine) knitting and drinking Ensure daiquiris to play with my nails.

I decided to start out with “Dia de los Muertos”, because of course I did. It took WAY longer than I thought it would – I had only ever done accent nails before. It took longer than painting my nails…BUT as soon as I was done, I didn’t have to wait for it to dry or anything, so I still think I ended up ahead. I got a few wrinkles in the tips – probably because I have very long nail beds and very curved fingernails. I’m hoping I get better with practice.

I’m hoping that it still looks good on Sunday…

2 Comments to My 1st Jamicure

  1. Luci says:

    Do you have a flat iron? You could try that technique to smooth out those wrap wrinkles. Flip on the flat iron for a few seconds, then turn it off again so that it’s warm. Tutorial is here:

  2. Lara says:

    I just got my Jamberry Heater in the mail today, and I’m thinking that will help – but I am totally gonna try that with my flat iron! Thanks!

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