New Car Smell


I’ve tried scented fingernail polish a few times and had never been particularly impressed with the results. The ones I’ve tried either flat out did not smell at all or had a faint scent that quickly faded. Not so with Revlon Parfumerie “Italian Leather”. That shit has an odor you can smell several feet away. Do you understand the horror of being able smell my own hands while they’re down at my sides???

It wouldn’t be so horrifying if the polish emitted a pleasant smell. “Italian Leather” is not a pleasant smell – it is a chemical-laden leather and plastic smell – not unlike that “new car smell”. Even with a thick layer of lotion on my hands, I couldn’t stop smelling it as I fell asleep last night. Luckily, it fades in time. It’s been about 24 hours and I can now only smell it if I intentionally sniff my fingertips, although I pick up the odd whiff every now and then.

I used it with Orly Bonder. The formula was a good consistency – good coverage in two coats. I did get a lot of tip wear within 24 hours, but that is to be expected without a top coat. The color is doo doo brown with a subtle shimmer – it looks like I have been playing with my fudge machine. The staying power of the scent makes me want to try more Revlon Parfumerie polishes, but I’ll use more care in choosing the scents…

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