Nails on a Blackboard


I was strolling through Target and I came upon Sinful Colors “Blackboard”Limited Edition Demi-Matte from The Chalkboard Diaries Collection. I had heard it was a Walgreen’s exclusive shade, but I guess not? I was never able to find it at Walgreen’s, but I accidentally find it on a clearance end cap at Target for 58 cents. 58 cents!

It’s just like the blackboards of my youth – something I’m fairly certain my children will never experience. It’s similar to Zoya “Dovima”, but blacker. And smoother. This is two coats over Sinful Colors Base Coat – no top coat.

Unfortunately, “Blackboard” still suffers from the same fatal flaw as the Zoya Mattes – heinous edge wear. I washed a frying pan and I already have white half moons at the tips of my nails…

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