Walker Blood


So…my sweet mother-in-law sent me a picture of bloody nails for Halloween inspiration. And then…my friend Angie did bloody nails. I had to try bloody nails!

I started with Sinful Colors Base Coat and a single coat of RUFFIAN “Sahara”, for a nude look. I picked Sinful Colors “Rich in Heart” for the blood. “Rich in Heart” is a deep, shimmery maroon, as opposed to the usual blood red. They look black in the picture, but you can see the red shimmer on the bottle. (I also did “Rich in Heart” on my toes.) I started off using a big dotting tool for the blood drips, but it was taking forever, so by the third nail, I just painted them with the brush – they ended up looking about the same. Next time, I might try with a paint brush to get better curves. To finish, I sealed them with “HK Girl”.

Maybe it was because I was was watching The Walking Dead while I was doing my nails, but I decided that the blood looks like Zombie Walker blood.

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