Fall 2015 Freeman Beauty Mystery Bag


I guess technically, it isn’t a beauty bag – it comes in a box – no bag to be seen. As of Friday night, it’s still available on their website! $30 and free shipping!

Inside this year’s box: c. Booth Mimosa Honeysuckle Body Souffle (this smells SO good – primarily honeysuckle); Barefoot Exfoliating Polish (works on your whole body); Barefoot Repair! Deodorizing Foot Spray (my feet don’t smell, but good to have on hand, I guess); c. Booth Blackberry In-Bath Body Conditioner (Not only do I need pre-conditioner for my hair, now my whole body needs conditioner?); Freeman Hibiscus Overnight Repair Mask; Freeman Daisy Oxygen Revival Mask; psssst! Volumizing Boost Invisible Texturizing Powder (I don’t understand this product – will have to research further); Freeman Pomegranate Body Wash (smells divine); Vita-K Professional for Crow’s Feet; Vita-K Professional for Dark Circles; and three single use mask packs – Facial Purifying Paper Mask in “Star Fruit”; Facial Lava Clay Mask in “Cinnamon & Moroccan”; and Facial Peeling Mask in “Pumpkin” (more pumpkin!). I also picked 4 free samples masks with my order: Facial Enzyme Mask in “Pineapple” (I’ve tried it before and loved it); Pomegranate Revealing Peel-Off Mask; Facial Exfoliating Scrub in “Pink Grapefruit”; and Chocolate & Strawberry Clay Mask (I am the most excited about this one).

No repeats from last year and no duplicates of any full-size products I have. I can’t wait to start putting masks on!


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