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When you don’t have the polish you want – you gotta make something up. I wanted something that would match my very favorite “i heart ronson” flamingo shirt – mostly black, but with flashes of pink.

I was imagining a polish in my head that’s black and pink at the same time. I tried a few pink glitters over blacks, but it didn’t look right. Then I got the bright idea to use a pink micro-glitter/shimmer…yassss.

After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I laid down two coats of Sinful Colors “Starry Night”, which is a black with rainbow micro-glitter. I then used a coat of Sinful Colors “Zest of Times” to bring the pink. I finished with “HK Girl”.

No angle would really do my nails justice – they are WAY more pink in person. I just couldn’t get the light to reflect the pink in my closet. (It was too dark and rainy all day for an outside pic.) Trust me, they will look SMASHING with that shirt.

It just came to me…why didn’t I just use Bitchcraft? That’s what I really wanted all along…

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  1. […] This combination seemed so familiar – I searched my site and it turns out I had done something similar a few years ago, layering “Zest of Times” over “Starry Night”. […]

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