Here it is – the first of the 7 polishes in Delush Polish’s “Scream Supreme” Collection.

Of course I started with “Bitchcraft”. It’s a black jelly with different sizes and shades of pink glitter – from pale pink to fuchsia. It’s inspired by the 3rd season of American Horror Story – Coven. This polish makes me think of cunty Madison, played by Emma Roberts.

I used Orly Bonder for the basecoat and then painted 2 coats of “Bitchcraft”. This is the most perfect glitter I have ever used. No dabbing, no fishing. I literally just painted my nails and this is how it turned out. Absolutely stress-free glitter. The only thing I would do differently is use a different top coat. I used NYC “Grand Central Station”. The formula is too thin and it didn’t create a smooth top layer – it sunk into the cracks.

While I was at HEB, I grabbed a replacement bottle of Sally Hansen Diamond Flash – I won’t go through the disappointment of “Grand Central Station” again.

Next up – “Misty Day”.

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