The Triumphant Return of Peony

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I tend to get really excited about the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale…but this time is different…it’s like a dream come true.

We all have discontinued scents that we pine over. For my mom, it was Love’s Baby Soft Lemon. For my husband, it’s the original formula of Van Cleef & Arpels Tsar. One of mine is Bath & Body Works Peony. (Some of the others are B&BW’s original Rose and Cedar & Clary Sage; and Victoria’s Secret Delicate Petals and Secret Charm).

The last time I was able to buy it was in 2004, when I was pregnant with my son. I loaded up at a Semi-Annual Sale. My stock had lasted well into 2009, because I remember having some left when I moved into this house. I’ve been holding onto that last quarter inch of Fragrance Mist, wearing it a few times a year.

On Sunday, one of my dreams came true – Peony is one of Bath & Body Works’ flashback fragrances.

Since I happened to have a 20% off + free shipping code from my last online order, I went ahead and used the website. Flashback fragrances are $3.75 – whoa! I loaded up and got 4 Shower Gels, 2 Body Creams, 2 Fine Fragrance Mists and 1 Lotion. I’ll probably get more before the end of the summer…

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I wasn’t exactly running low on Hand Soap…but I bought 24 anyway because they were on sale for $3 each…and 20% off made them $2.40. Plus, I didn’t have to carry them out to my car. I was a bit disturbed when I opened the box – it looks like they just dumped them in there…but they all look intact.

There were 3 different coupons in the box…I’m predicting another haul before the end of the sale…I’ve got a whole ‘nother month!

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