Moist Stephanie

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Doesn’t Julep “Stephanie” look like juicy, moist strawberries? So wet, so…MOIST.

I don’t care if Julep describes “Stephanie” as juicy cherry holographic – it’s moist strawberry holographic to me. I’ll say it again…MOIST.

“Stephanie” has the same fantastic formula as “Pam”. After Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat, I painted two coats of “Stephanie” – it went on like a dream. It seemed a bit thinner and easier to work with than “Pam”. My middle fingernail had peeled a bit and “Stephanie” covered it like a champ. I sealed the deal with “HK Girl”.

I need to get the rest of the polishes from August’s Collection – I am totally in love.

Just one more time…moist.

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