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Strike a pose…there’s nothing to it…

Great, now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head all night…

Sinful Colors “Strike a Pose” was the first polish I grabbed from my big sale haul. It’s from the new “Luxe Fragments” Collection – a jelly base filled with glitter shards. I’m in love with glitter shards, I think.  I was drawn to the black and gold…plus, it also matched the ipsy bag I just got.

Sinful Colors Base Coat and then two coats of “Strike a Pose”. I was afraid that it wouldn’t be opaque enough after the first quote, but the second coat came through for me – it sure covered up my stained green nails. “HK Girl” sealed the deal and provided a ridiculous amount of shine.

I feel like my nails are getting shorter and shorter. My unpacking and cleaning has slowed WAY down – maybe they’ll get a chance to grow without breaking and peeling?

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