Pining for the Fjords

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Julep “Acacia” has me pining for the fjords. (Or maybe I just feel like I’m dead because of this sinus infection?)

I’m pining because Julep describes “Acacia” as blue fjord chrome – I was like huh? Then I had to google fjords – I was thinking that the tall cliffs themselves where the fjords, but technically, the fjord is the water-filled inlet. Well fuck – my whole life is a lie…or at least the geography part.

“Acacia” is a true one-coat polish – I really could have gotten away with just one coat…but the perfectionist in me required two coats – just to be sure. For some odd reason, I got bubble…in the base coat. I used Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat and I’ve never seem that bubble before. A few of the bubbles were visible through the two coats of “Acacia” and “HK Girl” – I don’t know what’s up with that. Am I going to have to get all anal and start using alcohol wipes on my nails before painting?

I also used “Acacia” on my toes. I had promised my husband “Danica” on my toes, but I decided that he gets “Acacia” instead. He LOVES blue toenails.

This is it – I am all caught up…I think. This is the color on my nails RIGHT NOW. Aw shit, I still have one more subscription box sitting on the counter…

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