She’s a Brick…House

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My nails match my house!

I never thought I’d live in a plain red brick house, but here I am…living in a plain red brick house. That’s okay, because now my nails match my house.

Julep “Rosemary”modern brick creme – is nearly a perfect match for these bricks. She’s from this month’s box. I’m digging a more “normal” manicure than I’ve had the past several weeks. I feel almost…grown-up.

This is two coats of “Rosemary” over Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat and under “HK Girl”. I got a bizarre chip on my index finger – I think from digging in my purse for my keys – so I’ll likely be changing polishes tomorrow.

Coincidentally, one of my favorite teachers from high school was named Rosemary. She taught history and gave us a bizarre lesson on how The Wizard of Oz was an allegory for the Gold Standard in the US. Why do I waste valuable brain space on that nugget of information???

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