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Whoa there Julep, you can’t be running out of polish names yet, can you?

They must be scraping the bottom of the barrel, because when I googled “Channon”, all I got was a porn star named Channon Rose. Never heard of her before, but that lucky girl has her own polish now.

Julep “Channon” is a water lily white matte shimmer. Sometimes water lilies have a hint of pink, so I guess that’s what they mean. I just did two coats over Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat. Julep’s matte formula is great – not streaky and very quick drying. It’s very similar to Sinful Colors’ formula, maybe even a teensy bit better.

If Julep is indeed plumbing the depths of porn star names, I am looking forward to seeing Julep Chasey, Traci & Tera. Oooohhh, I already have Julep “Jenna”!

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